Sketchbook Notes

Learning about Georgia O'keefe

Learning about Paul Kerr

Learning about Ambera wellmann

Learning about Helen Frankenthaler

Learning about Francis Bacon

how to portray mood using colour

specifically: Orange=horror

wondering if there are other colours which are correlated with mood

colour influencing how we perceive the colour it is near to

depending on the proportion of the colour as well (and the opacity)

Learning about oil paints, mixing them textures etc

Trying to learn about negative and positive space in graphite drawings,

This has been helping me understand tone better in my own paintings

I think when I started painting I was afraid of dark colours

Confronting the fear

learning how to blend better in my graphite drawings

Extended anatomy in graphite drawings

Taking subject matter from my drawings and bridging that to my paintings

Reading the women who run with wolves


the animal as connection

Reading about the women impressionists: 9th street women

honestly found it a little dry

rather would like to see the paintings in person or look at images in a book

Wishing Canada had more accessible galleries

grateful for the AGO

grateful for the Art Gallery of Guelph

Painting is capricious: "given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behaviour"

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